Tesla Motors – The Full Story – Part 1

The Tesla Roadster could very well be the most influential and revolutionary sports car ever created. In an automotive world governed by oil and oil interested the Tesla Roadster had some of the industries largest players vying for its electric motor technology even before a single Roadster had been made. It sounds a crazy story, but it is one I am lucky to be able to let.The Roadster came very close to never existing. Never mind that for years, decades even anyone tried to take on the problem of an electric vehicle was met with hostility by the industry. Their inventive spirit would crumble under a barrage of insults, “it can’t be done”, “it’s not viable”And for a large part in it’s early years around 2007, Tesla motors was succeeding in proving the critics right. With over 100 million dollars of investors money, Martin Eberhard the companies CEO and one of its founders and only succeeded in proving that they could produce a vehicle that when expected to retail as $109.000 cost $140.000 to make, and still didn’t have a working transmission, air conditioning and inferior seat linings.The one thing they did have however was a battery and in truth they had succeed in the hardest part of all, the battery was the answer to the power problem everything else was just fine tuning, getting all the components on car to work with this new power source.The battery park was the hardest design feat in the whole car and they had succeed in creating a powerful and strong and most importantly safe battery pack. Running off Lithium Ion batteries much like in a Laptop the power pack could produce 200 Kilowatts, translated into the road in the form of over 280 horse power and 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds.And though the car and Tesla’s finances were in trouble the future was here in the shape of that batteryIn the next two parts I will explain how the roadster was saved and how that battery technology has found it way into some unlikely places.

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Why Micro-Managing Is Counter Productive

Micro-managers are everywhere and they are costing everyone valuable time. They don’t add value to your business and they don’t help your productivity. Identifying micro-managers is an important step in improving your workplace and its performance.So why do they do it? Most of the time it is either a control thing or a perceived shortfall in staff skills. As far as control is concerned, they will often site being pro-active as justification for their incessant meddling. Unfortunately, this is nothing more than a smoke screen. Dealing with the micro-manager will take time and patience but you can achieve a successful outcome.Micro-managers will often complain to colleagues that “they never have enough time and have to do everything”. Often, this is brought on because the micro-manager only delegated the task and did not provide guidance on how it should be done, often within an unmanageable time frame. They then “feel” like they have to do the work themselves because the person who has been delegated the task do what they think is right but does not meet expectations. In the process, the person delegated the task originally suddenly find themselves questioning the outcomes because they have been taken to task over what is perceived as a poor job.This constant taking back of delegated tasks is where the time issue becomes most prevalent. The micro-manager has pushed their own work to one side to rectify what they think is an issue with the work being done to the detriment of their own outcomes.Constantly criticizing, demanding rework or undermining people’s efforts is the raison d’etre of the micro-manager. The more this behaviour continues, the less staff will engage with their work. This is where the spiral becomes a full spin. I mentioned in a previous article how staff who feel in control will work more productively and this situation is the same. They will only perform what is required to a minimum standard and will take no particular pride, or joy, in their work.Getting people who use this style to change their ways will be tough but it can be done. It is all about perceptions and change. Breaking bad habits is about introducing change that is positive and encouraging people to embrace this change. Over time, it will be habit forming and will replace previous bad habits.The micro-manager’s perception of self will be very different to others views and this will need to be challenged carefully. Work with the micro-manager’s ego to bring their self-perception down a little closer to reality; don’t try the frontal attack. Again, this will take time but there will be a definite improvement at the end.There are a number of options when dealing with micro-managers. Like all decisions, the one that works best for you is the right one and that is the one that helps improve your productivity.Remember, work smarter, not harder.

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3 Benefits You’ll Get From Using WordPress Manager And Working With Blog Software

Would you want a batter way to manage all of your blogsthat use WordPress software? Then you might want to consider using a WordPress Manager, a blog management program that has several major features which are all geared to help you in centralizing the management of your blogs within your blog network.Everyone knows that managing a WordPress blog is usually one manually and one my one using the internal dashboard. But with WordPress Manager, you can access all your blog’s dashboards as long as they are using WordPress software. This will make things a lot easier for you when managing your blogs.It’s also important to point out that apart from managing blogs; a WordPress Manager is also capable of other things as well. For instance, you can actually create blog domains that automatically have WordPress software installed into them. Not only that but you would actually have the most recent version of WordPress installed to your blogs. This ensures that all of the blogs that you create will use a uniform version of WordPress along with the benefits that come with that version such as higher security measures.Also, if you’re aware that some of your blogs are using outdated versions of the WordPress software, don’t worry because a WordPress Manager gives you the capacity to upgrade all of your blogs to the current version of WordPress. And it automatically upgrades all of your blogs once a new version of WordPress gets released. Basically, once you’ve set the WordPress Manager to do that, you can then focus your energy into doing other things such as creating content for your sites.Now you’ve seen how it easy it is to work with blogs and websites that use WordPress software when you use a WordPress Manager. However, there still other major benefits that you can get from using this powerful program.These are some of those benefits:1. Total Control of Blog Activities – With a WordPress Manager, you have total control over all activities happening in your blogs. You can create and manage content, upload WordPress themes and plugins that you’d want to use for your blogs, manage comments and feedback and even view real- time site statistics. The main point here is that you have the capacity to oversee and you have the control.2. Less Stress – With a Blog Manager, handling websites based on the WordPress software becomes simple. In fact, this translates into lesser stress for you since you have a system allowing you to manage your blog network. You’ll worry less about updating your blogs if you use this program.3. Increased Efficiency – The whole point of using a system for managing your blog networks is to improve overall efficiency. Since a WordPress Manager points out all of its internal functions in a very simple manner, you’ll realize what ever target goals you’re aiming for is reached without wasting a lot of energy. Whether it’s boosting traffic to your sites or distributing content through all of your blogs and the like all of that can be done efficiently through a WordPress Manager.So, if you’re still not convinced this program is an effective system for managing blogs that use WordPress software, I recommend you start using a WordPress Manager to see all of these benefits for yourself.

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