Lifestyle Artistry

When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become
manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless and intelligence
cannot be applied.
Herophilus, Ancient Greek


Mr. Herophilus (335-280 BC) was a Greek physician and the first to systematically perform scientific dissections of human cadavers. I myself spend a bit of time at similar pursuits, somewhat systematically critiquing (if not dissecting) living humans. Like Herophilus, I seek a better understanding of homo sapiens. Certainly a great deal more must be known of our kind if great advances are to be made in realizing advances in health, liberty, harmony and more successful pursuits of happiness.

Herophilus, in my opinion, was a bit of an artist in his own right. What’s more, I think we can all choose to be artists, in a fashion. What is an artist, after all, save one who creates what others find splendid, beautiful, inspiring, worthy, good and/or satisfying? Maybe not everybody will think so – not everyone life Dali, Mozart or anyone else – there is no accounting for tastes. If the individual takes pride in and is fulfilled by his work, that is artistry. Let us then broaden the definition of art to encompass lives being well lived.

Cultures are a bit stingy about who gets to view himself as an artist. Enough of that. Let’s encourage wellness seekers to envision their pursuits as art forms – and hope that this encourages actions consistent with the role. The payoffs that favor choosing and sustaining REAL wellness lifestyles are compelling.


While generalizations are hazardous, including those I’m about to offer, they can be useful – if not too far off the mark. I think the following generalizations about art and artists are close enough to be reliable.

  • Artists take pride in their work. They view themselves as special.
  • Most artists have a self-concept that includes being gifted, privileged and maybe even chosen by destiny – or at least favored by random chance.
  • Many artists expect their output to outlast them. Longfellow put as follows: Art is long, and Time is fleeting. Artists tend to cultivate and safeguard their talent, whatever it may be.
  • Our own health and quality of life are at least as valuable to us as any painting, sculpture, pot, blown glass, song, play, or material object, no matter how old, prized or exquisite such treasures may be. This seems to be true even if we know that few others would stand in long lines to gaze upon us in a classy museum filled with other treasures.

Let us reflect, along with Herophilus, on the fact that art cannot be fully appreciated or enjoyed in the midst of pain, fear of premature death or other forms of diminished mindfulness. Also, let us reflect on the fact that art does not ensue from activities performed haphazardly.

As with art expressed in material objects by recognized artists of the traditional kind, the art of life lived well demands conscious awareness appreciates that the chosen art form is precious, fragile and unsuited for delegation to others. Alas, most people do just that with their lifestyles – delegate to excess to medical professionals, medications, advisers and others. The results are usually neither art not or health. Better to insist on staying in charge, so long as it is possible, as the master crafts-persons for the work of well-being.

In summary, know that the material at our disposal is time, our bodies and our minds. Our works and designs are REAL wellness lifestyles. Delegation will not work, a reality expressed long ago in the Yiddish proverb: If the rich could hire other people to die for them, the poor could make a wonderful living.

Lifestyle Artists All

Are there prerequisites for lifestyle artistry and, if so, what are they? There is none. Cogito ergo sum or something like that – you are, therefore you can be – such an artist. No tests need be taken or passed; you don’t have to qualify.

The finest lifestyle artists are all those who consider themselves as such, and who thus act consistently with this motivational self-image.

In a sense, lifestyle artistry is the same as wellness itself: It works best when you adopt the perspective that you are an artist, that you already are committed to a special quest beyond the norm. When you judge the alternative (mediocrity or muddling through) as unappealing and unacceptable, artistry is your best alternative.

Art is a jealous mistress, said Emerson. Consider yourself a REAL wellness lifestyle artist and you will most likely craft the appropriate feelings, thoughts, self-images and behaviors that fit your special version of the Michelangelo
wellness mold.

Once committed, how likely are long-term departures from your art? Not very, I suggest.

All good wishes, Mr. or Ms. Rembrandt. Or is that Michelangelo?

Be well and look on the artistic bright side.

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Record Your Precious Moments With Flip Video Ultra HD

Since the dawn of High Definition (HD) technology, more and more digital camera/video camera manufacturers are refining and developing their products to accommodate the growing market of HD-technology users. If you wish to find video camera that offers superb quality in HD, simple to use, affordable and reliable at the same time, then the Flip Video Cameras from Flip Video may be the right ones for you. Just recently, Flip Video released the world’s simplest shoot and share video camera the Flip Ultra HD. Shoot moments anytime and anywhere you want, be it a trip to a nearby park, a beach vacation or a cruise holiday.

Offering HD made-simple technology, the Flip Ultra HD is available in four selections of color and an optional Design-Your-Own color. Sleek and stylish, the Flip Ultra HD comes in two choices of memory capacity, 4 or 8 GB, which allows user to record 1 to 2 hours of video-fun. Similar with other Flip video cameras, the Flip Ultra HD offers simple user interface. You can record HD video instantly; simply power on the device and press the record button.

Compared to the Flip Slide HD, the Flip Ultra HD offers several advantages such as image-stabilization feature, coupled with 2x digital zoom and 16:9 widescreen 720p (1280 x 720) HD/ 60 fps or 30 fps video quality. You can simply capture moments in HD and record them as MP4 files by pressing the Flip Ultra HD’s red button. The video’s newest feature, image stabilization, would help keep your video steady. Store the video files unto your computer through the pre-installed FlipShare software. Simply connect the on-board USB arm to your computer and the FlipShare software would be launched in an instant.

Powered with the Flip Video Rechargeable Battery Pack that would recharge when they are connected to USB, it is best for you to bring additional 3 lithium A3 batteries in case you need a back-up power source. After you have finished recording with Flip Ultra HD, you can edit and organize videos easily, capture shots, send greeting cards or create movies easily with FlipShare software. Once you have done the editing, you may share your videos to social networking sites, share them privately with FlipShare’s attachment-free email or create Flip Channels to share your videos with private group or family members.

Connect the Flip Ultra HD to your HDTV using the Flip Video HDMI Micro Cable (sold separately, type D) and watch the video premiere through your HDTV from the comfort of your living room. The high-quality H.264 HD video files can also be played with popular video-players such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, and iTunes. You can extend the capability of your Flip Ultra HD with Designed for Flip accessory products. The Flip Ultra HD package comes with rechargeable battery pack, wrist strap, soft protective case, and a user guide.

Product Features
- Large built-in memory up to 8GB enables up to 2 hours HD video shooting
- User-friendly interface with large, red record button
- At 0.9 inches x 2.1 inches, the slim and sleek, handy 0.28 pounds camera enables for capturing video on-the-go
- Vibrant HD video (720p / 60fps) H.264 HD with image stabilization for amazingly clear and steady result
- Premium AAC audio for fantastic video sound
- Included Flip Video Rechargeable Battery Pack (recharges when connected to USB); 3 lithium A3 batteries can be used as back-up power source
- Plug and use pre-loaded FlipShare™ software launches instantly once the built-in USB arm is connected to PC or Mac®
- FlipShare software allows for video sharing, organizing and creating. Plus editing, music adding, and movie making, to name a few
- Snapshot feature for capturing scenes from the recorded frames
- Flip Video HDMI™ Micro Cable (type D) [sold separately] allows instant viewing from your Flip Ultra HD to your HDTV
- Video: 16:9 widescreen, HD 720p (1280 x 720) at 60 frames per seconds (fps) progressive scan; recorded as MP4 files can be played with popular video player software such as Windows Media Player, iTunes and QuickTime Player
- Private video sharing with FlipShare’s attachment-free email; create Flip Channels; or direct video shares via popular social networking sites such as Facebook™, YouTube™ and Twitter™
- You can find accessory from Designed for Flip that would extend the fun factor
- Included in the box: rechargeable battery pack, wrist strap, soft protective case, user guide

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The Best Work From Home Business For Teachers

Easy to start and easy to manage online tuition is a business that can be run from home and requires very low investments. It offers everything a teacher yearns i.e. good money, growth prospects and work time flexibility.Online Tuition requires two prime ingredients Subject Matter Expertise and Teaching and Training Sills. Online Tuition belongs to new breed of businesses evolved by the internet. It is one of those businesses that if done methodically can build incomes running into six figure in a very short span of time.It is unfortunate that most of the talented teacher do not opt for this business because of “Fear of Technology”. This fear is not totally unrealistic but certainly overrated. The fact is you do not have to create technology, you do not have to be a software engineer to run an online business, plenty of ready made software and complete software solutions are available that have to be used to operate an online tuition business.Running an online tuition business is comparable to driving an automobile. You do not need to be auto mechanic to drive the automobile, similarly you do not have to be software engineer but you should know how to operate the software.The good news is many of these software solutions are available free of cost. In fact, it is possible to create and operate an online tuition business at zero cost (Zero Investment Business).It is an excellent self-employment option for the teachers and an excellent business that falls in Work from Home Business category. Many Teachers use Online Tuition to earn extra money in the spare time they have. Several Online companies provide ready software infrastructure to conduct online tuition and teachers use these software to deliver their teaching to the students.People often have a misconception that online tuition is only for academic teaching. This is not true as businesses that deliver vocational training; soft skill training, corporate training and special skill training extensively use online tutoring to teach music, languages, business skills, career courses etc.An excellent money making opportunity for talented and skilled people confined to home i.e. retired teachers, moms looking for business, teachers not finding jobs etc. who are wanting to use their teaching skills, experience and subject expertise to earn money while working from home.

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