An Introduction To Health And Fitness Apps On The Apple iPhone 4S

In an age when health and fitness are becoming a priority for more and more people, Apple has a category in its famous AppStore for such applications. These make it easy for people to learn and track exercises and keep track of their diet etc.In this article I will take a look at a couple of the popular health and fitness apps which are currently on among the top free apps within the category.RunKeeper
This handy application is available for free on the AppStore, with a paid version also available offering a number of extra features. The free version has received millions of downloads from people who want to track the progress of their running or cycling. The app uses several aspects of the hardware found on the iPhone 4S for users to achieve this. The app itself is activated when you set out for a run or a bike ride and it will display realtime information such as your current and average speeds, calories burned etc. When you have finished your exercise, it will display several similar statistics, and thanks to the GPS capabilities of the iPhone 4S, it will display your route on a map. You can then upload your statistics onto RunKeeper’s site for future reference, or instantly share it via Facebook or Twitter. Next time you go for a run, it will compare your performance to your previous efforts so you can visually track your process thanks to charts and statistics.Body Fitness
This app allows you to learn and carry out hundreds of different exercises, so suits those you are into cardio, weight training or both. You can take your phone into the gym and it will teach you how to use weights and equipment safely using the correct technique. Illustrations show you step by step how exercises should be performed, and you can then input data such as how many sets and reps you performed, and how much weight you used. It will then give you a new target for your next workout which is scheduled in an integrated calendar.There are of course thousands of other health and fitness applications. The subject matter of these ranges from exercise tuition and tracking, diet advice, calorie counters and weight management apps. Apps like these highlight the versatility of the iPhone 4S, and as mentioned, the apps discussed in this article have free versions which can be downloaded straight to the phone.If your new year’s resolution is to get into shape or improve your health, the iPhone 4S makes a handy companion during your efforts. The iPhone 4S is now available on several major UK networks, with a number of these currently offering the handset for free on selected tariffs.

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